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  We're eternally thankful for all the support you provided in the Republican Primary.  We missed the runoff, but came in third out of ten candidates.  The next time around will be a different story!


The United States of America is under assault from within. Our system of government, our economic system, our history, and our values are all being targeted by a radical Marxist-based ideology that seeks to destroy our way of life. They have all but taken over the Democrat Party, control nearly every media outlet, and are "Big-Tech."  From Seattle to Austin to New York City, they leave our communities in ruin. Sanctuary cities, defecation in the streets, homeless encampments, open-air drug dealing & abuse, exploding crime rates to include; brazen vandalism, thefts, assaults, and even murders in broad daylight. They maliciously prosecute law abiding citizens, exercising their GOD given rights, and refuse to prosecute those who repeatedly break our laws.  They strip law enforcement of critical funding and threaten them and our healthcare workers that refuse to get "vaccinated." They throw open our borders, allowing millions of foreign nationals to stream into "main-street American," not the Hamptons or Martha's Vineyard, but in OUR neighborhood...OUR cities. The American workers' effort to provide for his/her family is undercut by cheap, illegally imported labor from other countries.

BUT, as long as WE have our vote. As long as WE have patriotic Americans willing to sacrifice their comfort, and sometimes much more, America is not lost! WE have awakened and WE are clear-eyed to the threat our nation faces. WE need to send the clear and unmistakable message that WE will not surrender our nation. WE will prove our nation is not a failed experiment in self-government. WE need to act and WE need to act NOW! Get out and get engaged! Run for office. Volunteer for a candidate. Motivate your family and friends. Help save OUR country. But...above all...educate yourself and VOTE!! YOUR voice matters!!